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Birthdate:Feb 20
Location:United States of America
Who am I?

I am a 24 year old woman who is still trying to find her place/purpose in life. My interests involve writing, drawing, music, photography, cooking, and languages.

Friending Policy

I am always open to new friends, but please do not friend me if you are someone who cannot handle a person having political and/or religious beliefs that differ from your own.

Current Obsessions

Criminal Minds
How I Met Your Mother
New Girl
Sons of Anarchy

Bourne Trilogy
Harry Potter
Iron Man
Lord of the Rings
Sherlock Holmes

Harry Potter

Barney & Robin
Daniel & Vala
Draco & Ginny
Harry & Hermione
House & Cuddy
Jason & Nicky
Jax & Tara
Logan & Veronica
Morgan & Garcia
Nick & Jess
Neville & Ginny
Peter & Olivia
Robbie & Cecelia
Ron & Luna
Sherlock & Irene
Spike & Buffy
Tony & Pepper
Will & Elizabeth

Quote of the moment

Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God, do you learn ~C.S. Lewis

Credit where credits due

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Interests (139):

aaron hotchner, action, adventure, alias, america's funniest home videos, angst, atonement, barney/robin, books, bourne/nicky, boy meets world, buffy, cartoons, chase/cameron, christianity, church, clark/lois, classic movies, college, conservatism, criminal minds, daniel jackson, daniel/vala, derek morgan, disney, draco/ginny, drama, drawing, elliot/olivia, europe, everybody loves raymond, family, fanart, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fox news, frasier, friends, fringe, gilmore girls, god, greg house, grissom/lady heather, harry potter, harry/hermione, hats, hermione granger, het fic, history, hotch/prentiss, house md, house/cuddy, hubble telescope, i love lucy, irene adler, iron man, james/lily, jason bourne, jason dohring, jax/tara, jesus christ, lady heather, languages, law and order: svu, legend of the seeker, lisa cuddy, logan echolls, logan/mac, logan/veronica, lord of the rings, luna lovegood, maureen o'hara, michael buble, michael vaughn, monica/chandler, monk, morgan/garcia, movies, music, mystery, ned/chuck, neville/ginny, novels, old movies, pacey witter, pacey/joey, penelope garcia, peter bishop, peter/olivia, peyton/jake, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pirates of the carribbean, pirates of the carribean, politics, pro-life, project runway, pushing daisies, quotes, reading, religion, richard/cara, robbie/cecilia, robert chase, robert downey jr., romance, ron weasley, ron/luna, rory/jess, ross/rachel, scarves, school, shemar moore, sherlock holmes, sherlock/irene, spike, spike/buffy, spike/tara, stargate sg-1, stargate sg1, sydney bristow, sydney/vaughn, the bourne series, the chronicles of narnia, the office, thomas gibson, titanic, tony stark, tony/pepper, travel, vala mal doran, veronica mars, voldemort/bellatrix, walter bishop, will turner, will/elizabeth, wilson/amber, writing
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